Hey Kids!

Are you tired of shelling out your hard-earned money for tacos that might not even work with your computer?

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DownloadFreeTacos.com is a safe, easy way for you to get your tacos downloaded directly into your computer for free!

For the first time, this image of tacos uses the traditional hard shell, rather than an Americanized soft shell.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this legal?

Of course. Do you think we would offer pirated tacos? That's illegal!

Will you join my webring?

Absolutely. Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to us and we'll mail you an application form. Just fax that form to us, and if your application is approved, we'll put you on our site! A decision will be made in 4-6 weeks.

A slideshow of images for Taco John's, a Mexican restaurant in Sioux City, Iowa